Logistics, along with your warehousing and distribution, is essential to the smooth running of your supply chain, and therefore your business. Where this is not run efficiently, your customers, clients, and eventually your revenues and staff all suffer. 

Third-party warehouse storage provision is becoming an increasing necessity for businesses that do not have space, or the resources, to house their stock. Given the importance of stock to a business, choosing the right warehouse storage solutions is essential.

Professionally equipped warehouses in the USA (DFW, LA, NY, NJ), Canada, and the UK provide a full range of services for Amazon merchants:

  • Pre FBA (preparation before Fulfilment by Amazon)
  • FBM (Fulfilment by merchant)
  • FNSKU labeling
  • Boxes Packing & forwarding
  • Storage
  • Returns handling
  • Containers receiving
  • Sale of problem private label products stock

Average Prices

Professionally equipped warehouse with 80,000 ft² shelf space

Located 20 miles from one of the largest Amazon warehouses in the US — FTW1

Own truck (10 pallets) for cargo delivery to Amazon, which is 2-3 times more cost-efficient ($300) than using UPS

Prep & pack of 1 unit is just $0.9!!!

Box forwarding is just $3 per unit!!!

Affordable prices, quality guaranteed. Contracts provided as necessary

Warehouses overview

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  • Send a packing list to your manager;
  • Check the cargo for compliance with the size and weight requirements;
  • Label the products following the labeling requirements;
  • Provide the tracking number to the manager no later than 5 days prior to delivery;
  • For FCL, FTL, and LTL, make a preliminary appointment at the warehouse;

Each piece of the product must be labeled with a WRO label. Without proper labeling, identification in the warehouse takes longer and can sometimes lead to the risk of cargo loss.

The dimensions of a carton should not exceed 25 inches on all sides and the weight limit is 40 lbs.
The height of cargo on a pallet should not exceed 60 inches and the maximum weight is 1500 pounds.

PETANI Logistics’ warehouses are located in the Midwest and both coastlines of the US (CA/NY/NJ), near major seaports, airports, and the largest number of operating Amazon centers. As of 2022, California has the largest number of Amazon centers with 35 facilities, followed by Texas with 28 and New Jersey with 17.

The rates are calculated for each warehouse separately due to the peculiarities of the warehousing market and taxation in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. To calculate the cost, you can fill out the form on our website – https://petani-logistics.com/warehouse-from or contact our employees who will be happy to assist you (https://petani-logistics.com/contacts)

Warehousing Services for Amazon Merchants, Storage, Prep & Pack, Labeling, Box forwarding | PETANI Logistics
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Professionally equipped warehouses in the USA, Canada, and the UK provide a full range of services for Amazon merchants 🇨🇦 Kelowna 🇬🇧 London 🇺🇸 Inwood, LA, Texas, New Jersey

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Warehousing Services

Warehouse logistics solutions’ essence is in warehouse processes’ management. Thus, it is closely related to cargo transportation. Your business’s profitability depends much on how seamless are your warehouse logistics processes.

Warehouse services’ main goal is to reduce the minimum additional costs for warehousing and prevent cargo damages.

Outsourcing Your Warehouse Logistics

Deciding to sell goods directly from the warehouse has multiple benefits, yet, you should be aware of a couple of drawbacks you may face. These drawbacks are related to the lack of control under the trading scheme applied. When you decide to build your warehouse in your residence country, it leads to high expenses and the need for regular money injections. Besides, you shouldn’t forget about regular inspections and legal costs. Moreover, in your company warehouse routines, you shouldn’t forget that just maintaining its constant operation is not enough. You have to pay salaries to your staff and maintain optimal warehousing for cargo as well. Management of processes of that kind can be a die-hard task for businesses. Thus, it is worth considering outsourcing warehousing services to a company that provides high expertise as a warehouse service provider. You can be sure that applying for the Petani Logistics forwarding and transportation company’s warehousing services is a win-win solution.

What do you get when applying for our services? Let’s list the most significant benefits:

  • You save time as all the warehousing processes and control over their effectiveness are handled by our specialists.
  • You get effective management for warehouse storage service and operations at your warehouse.
  • You get help to maintain optimal conditions for unconventional goods’ storage.
  • In case of emergencies, you are ensured you may get help to cope with them timely.

The Main Benefits of Working With Petani Logistics

The Petani Logistics company works as a warehousing service provider and offers services in the field of cargo storage, uploading and unloading, packing and shipping goods, return of goods processing, and besides that, helps with the Amazon Marketplace’s problematic goods stock sell-offs. Our high-class warehouses are located in the US, Canada, and Great Britain.

The company’s warehousing service specialists can help you with the selection of a warehouse for every type of cargo. We can calculate the warehouse space for your business to store cargo of any type and amount. We will gladly help you select the best location for a warehouse to reduce transportation costs and help you to provide effective management for all warehouse operations.

We provide our clients with transparent rates and conditions for our warehousing and shipping services when concluding a contract. Besides, we can take over all the paperwork to allow you to keep your cargo in special enterprise warehouses overseas to sell it further.