Sale of problem private label stock

We are aware that many Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, and other sellers are unable sell their goods for various reasons, and they have to pay for the logistics, storage, and disposal of their goods. We offer a variety of solutions for our clients to choose from:

By allowing our company handle the problem private stock sales, it makes it easier for you, our clients, to concentrate on other business.


The client can continue to store the goods in the warehouse, paying the monthly storage fee. Our company also offers an opportunity to auction the products at one of the recycling auctions or to sell these goods to wholesale buyers at one of our warehouses.

The liquidation service can be provided for products located in the United States. That is due to the fact that PETANI Logistics cooperates only with American auctions.

The starting price is $100 per lot, but this does not mean that buyers will buy your product at a higher price. Analyzing the data for the past 4 months, including 25k+ transactions, lots with a $100 start price generated a 30% recovery lift on average vs. those with higher opening bids.

The money from the auction is transferred to our account after an auction confirms the shipment of an item, a buyer receives the item, and there are no complaints from the buyer. Within 1-2 days after the funds are credited to our account, we send them to your Payoneer account.

The client does not participate in the auction. We do not provide details about the auction itself, but we can provide screenshots of the placement of the listing, and every three days we update the status of your listings in the Google table.
Individually, we can consider the option of your participation in the auction if the goods are located at another prep center, and not with us.

Problem Private Label Stock Sale for Amazon Merchants in Ukraine and USA | PETANI Logistics

By allowing our company handle the problem private stock sales, it makes it easier for you, our clients can concentrate on other business

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Sale of Problem Private Label Stock on Amazon

Remote trading through the Amazon Marketplace has become even more popular in the last few years. Millions of sellers use that giant trading platform working online worldwide.

Selling a Private Stock on Amazon

Ukrainian business owners still consider the Amazon Marketplace a non-conventional e-commerce platform to sell their goods. Thus, to gain success in private stock sale on Amazon, you need to have an idea of how it works and how to become a private stock seller if you are a resident of Ukraine.

The first thing you should do is register on the platform as a seller. You need to select a certain niche and decide on the product category you will offer Amazon’s customers. For Ukrainian sellers, selling private stock on Amazon is predominantly involved in retailing goods by Chinese manufacturers. So, before you start bulk sales, it will be better to get some samples of the products you intend to sell. You will successfully continue performing into the reality you plan to conquer this American marketplace only after you check products and ensure their quality is OK.

Providing Sale of Private Label Stock

However, not all business owners are happy to gain the reputation of Chinese goods retailer on Amazon. Thus, it is not a rare situation when this e-commerce platform is used to boost sales and start a private label business. This concerns Ukrainian goods of deluxe quality. For example, Amazon customers are extremely interested in the niche of handmade clothing and accessories. But the most important thing to consider when selling your products on Amazon is how to ship them to the buyer. You should consider that dealing with a shipping company which has representative offices both in the US and Ukraine is more profitable.

The Petani Logistics forwarding and shipping company can be your reliable partner as it has its own logistics network as well as representative offices in the US, Canada, and Great Britain. You will get rid of concerns and worries about your own label goods will be delivered to the Amazon warehouses tip-top. Besides, you will reduce costs by getting our services for selling private stock on Amazon.

Also, Petani Logistics specialists can help you with retailing goods of sellers who cannot continue to develop their business on Amazon for some reasons. You are welcome to apply for our help in case you have to manage the sale of problem private label stock. We can accept your goods, check them, and prepare for further auction sales. We use our registered profiles to take care of problem stock sales, to represent them on liquidation auctions. You can focus on your business development processes by handing over problem stock sales to Petani Logistics.