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PETANI Prep Center provides warehouse inventory management, FBM, and FBA orders through our CRM software.

Main Advantages of CRM:

  • Managing inventory through CRM is a productive way to improve and speed up the work processes associated with the supply, movement, and sales of products.

  • Through the use of CRM, many workflows are now performed automatically.

  • Using CRM for E-commerce accelerates and systematizes work, and can reduce human error.

  • CRM integrates with Amazon and can be integrated with eBay, Shopify, and other business platforms

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CRM Software PETANI Prep Center for Amazon Merchants in the USA | PETANI Logistics
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PETANI Prep Center provides warehouse inventory management, FBM, and FBA orders through our CRM software ⭐ Managing Inventory ✔️ CRM Integrates with Amazon

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CRM Software for Businesses

Are you looking for high-quality CRM solutions for your business on Amazon Marketplace? We offer you to take a look at our PETANI CRM software, which provides the highest quality performance to help you build your warehousing control and manage FBM and FBA orders.

Get More Opportunities With PETANI CRM

You need to set up your seller’s profile and integrate it with your Amazon profile before you start operating PETANI CRM software. By doing this, you get an opportunity to start your successful and full-fledged work with CRM.

  • The ‘Suppliers’ section allows you to add the company you are going to be partners with and get goods purchased from it.
  • The ‘Goods’ section offers you the opportunity to create product cards which will be delivered to the warehouse of a supplier you have added to the CRM system software database before.
  • In the ‘Supply’ section, you can indicate which goods are you expecting to receive from a supplier and the expected volumes of supply.
  • The FBA section helps to keep the order in your imported goods. You can indicate your recommendations about the packaging for a warehouse in this section of CRM program. You can also leave descriptions for Amazon about which products in which volumes will be shipped to the market store’s warehouse.
  • The FBM section is intended to identify orders listed out of Amazon.
  • One more feature of our CRM tool is the opportunity to integrate your business into marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify to scale up your business to a brand-new level.

PETANI CRM’s Benefits

The implementation of the PETANI CRM system allows maintaining the transparency of warehouse operations by keeping them tracked in real-time. Thus, you can develop the framework to control your goods’ displacement. It is essential that supplying processes are not always performed smoothly. There are cases of incomplete shipments or defective items delivered in a shipment. This makes a full completion of shipment impossible, so some part of the stock settles in a warehouse. When you use a CRM platform by PETANI, you can instantly track these product balances and decide on providing changes in a shipment or developing a new one to engage warehouse stocks effectively to increase your company’s income.

The PETANI CRM is a powerful accumulator for successful business activity in which each operation is well-thought-out and their performance is done tip-top. This CRM system was developed by offshore pros to provide multi-functional service which fits impeccably warehousing management and convenient completion of FBA and FBM orders. There is no need for adjusting multiple tools to work efficiently, as all the functions are already integrated into a single ecosystem. This provides the highest efficiency for your company’s workflow and its streamlined development. You won’t ever face chaos in your business routines when you use PETANI CRM. Everything will be 100% under your control. 



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