Freight forwarding

Our Company offers reliable and cost-effective sea and air freight solutions worldwide, handling both partial and full loadcontainers. We provide comprehensive solutions for each step of the shipping process to relieve the burden from our clients’ shoulders. This includes shipment, customs clearance, delivery of goods to the customer’s warehouse, and shipment updates.

Sea freight is the most popular form of cargo handling. Our team can help you identify the most cost-effective sea freight options and develop a unique solution to meet your transportation needs. We supply the whole complex of services necessary for shipping from China to Amazon FBA or private addresses.

Air Freight Cargo

When speed and reliability are essential, our global logistics experts can help you identify the most cost-effective air freight options for the delivery of your cargo.

Express delivery (UPS, DHL, FedEx)

Express shipments are the perfect solution if speed is of the essence
• Incoterms: DDP
• Time: 2-9 days

Standard air delivery

We offer standard air delivery and can handle your air shipments from start to finish, from the supplier to FBA or your customer’s doorstep

• Incoterms: DDP
• Time: 10-17 days

Sea Freight Cargo

We offer door-to-door ocean freight forwarding services.

Full Container Load (FCL):

We transport your goods using containers most suited to your needs.

Less Than a Container Load (LCL):

Your parcel will share space in a container with other parcels to reduce costs. This method is cost-effective for smaller shipping loads.

Available Services:

  • Fast Overseas (Transit time 25-30 days)
  • Normal Overseas (Transit time 30-35 days)
  • Container Drayage & Handling
  • Customs Clearance
  • Insurance


Our main focus is on sea and air transportation to the following destinations: China – USA/Canada/Europe/UK/Ukraine; Ukraine – Europe/USA/Canada. We provide comprehensive international logistics services that include transportation organization, customs clearance, warehousing, and other logistics services to optimize our clients’ logistics processes.

Our key directions are Ukraine, China, the USA, Canada, Europe, and the UK. However, we provide international logistics services worldwide, covering most countries and regions, taking into account the specifics of regional requirements and restrictions.

For international transportation, the following documents are mandatory: commercial invoice, packing list, and other documents that depend on the specific countries of origin and destination.

Transit times for the China-US route can range from 20 to 40 days depending on the chosen mode of transportation and specific shipping conditions. For the Ukraine-US route, transit times can range from 10 to 30 days, also depending on the mode of transportation and additional shipping conditions.

The cost of international logistics services usually depends on several factors, such as distance, mode of transport, volume of goods, additional services, and other expenses. The cost is calculated individually for each client, taking into account the specific conditions of transportation and customer needs.

Cargo safety during transportation is ensured through various measures, such as proper packaging and labeling of goods, the use of specialized transportation vehicles and equipment for carrying dangerous goods.

We provide a full range of customs clearance services, including consulting on required documentation, preparation of customs declarations and other documents, as well as carrying out all necessary customs procedures.

Yes, it is possible to transport dangerous goods, but special rules and requirements regarding their packaging, labeling, and documentation must be followed to ensure safety during transport.

Yes, we offer cargo consolidation services that allow reducing transportation costs by combining several shipments into one container or truck. Our consolidation warehouses are located in Kyiv, Ukraine; Hamburg, Germany; Shanghai and Shenzhen, China.

HMF and MPF are acronyms for “Harbor Maintenance Fee” and “Merchandise Processing Fee,” respectively.
HMF is a fee collected from cargoes that pass through the ports of the United States to cover the costs of maintaining and improving port infrastructure, and equals 0.125% of the cargo value.
MPF is a fee collected by the US Customs Service from importers for processing the cargo upon its entry into the country, and equals 0.3464% of the value of imported goods, with a minimum amount of $26.22 and a maximum amount of $508.70.

A Customs Bond is an obligation that an importer has to pay customs duties and taxes in the event of a violation of customs rules or obligations.

A Registered Importer of Record (IOR) is an important party during international delivery to Amazon, responsible for customs clearance of goods and ensuring compliance with all customs requirements.
In addition to Amazon, there are several other parties that can act as an IOR, including the seller or supplier, a customs broker, or a logistics company.
Freight Forwarding Service for Amazon Merchants from China to the USA and UK | PETANI Logistics
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Our Company offers reliable and cost-effective sea and air freight solutions worldwide, handling both LCL and full load containers FCL ⭐ Sea Freight ✔️ Air Freight ⚡ Express Delivery

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Freight Forwarding Services

Firstly, what are freight forwarding services in their essence? They include advance planning and further coordination of transportation of goods and commodities. This also includes goods transportation, insurance services, and customs clearance. Petani Logistics offers you to appreciate its scope of freight forwarder services which include truck transportation, air transportation, and sea freight logistics services.

3PL – third party logistics

We are glad to offer our freight forwarding services to shipping companies. You can be sure that your goods will be forwarded and delivered safely and sound, strictly in outspoken delivery time. We can help you to conclude goods forwarding and transportation contracts with each counterparty engaged in the transportation process. Besides, we can manage your loads’ shipping and control their performance. Our freight forwarding company can develop a custom forwarding route according to your requirements and goods’ specifics.

Moreover, you can get packing services, goods labeling, and unloading of goods from us.

When you decide to select your transport forwarder in Petani Logistics, you are welcome to appreciate the following scope of services:

  • freight forwarding by sea and air;
  • transport type selection to fit optimally your goods transportation goals;
  • cost calculation and route optimization services;
  • execution of various types of trade forwarding and transportation contracts;
  • goods tracking services during transportation;
  • security management services during shipping and transshipment processes.

Why Do You Need Freight Forward Service for Your Cargo

The Petani Logistics company as your goods transportation service provider takes responsibility for controlling the main logistics processes. You will have no need to plug away into developing a pattern of shipping services contracts and get into a bundle of details about international and overseas shipping processes. We offer you to appreciate the following benefits of getting our freight forwarding & logistics services:

  1. Efficiency increases. Our pros can develop a cost-efficient solution for the transportation of your goods.
  2. Forwarding documents processing. We will undertake the processing of documents required at customs, as well as the consignment note, cargo documents, and warehouse documentation.
  3. Loss and damage protection guarantees. We include loads insurance during transportation into the standard freight forwarding service pack, thus, you do not need to deal with insurers to insure your loads yourself.
  4. Timely warehouse operations execution. Our skilled and experienced consultants can manage the delivery directly to your warehouse with strict adherence to all intermediary stages.

Due to the communication channels used by the Petani Logistics freight forward company, we are eager to manage the whole shipping process timely and with guaranteed paperwork executed.